”Alex isn’t different to anybody else who walks in to my clinics, everybody wants to walk out after a treatment feeling better about themselves for one reason or another. When I saw the canvas I was working on with Alex I knew there was limited people in the industry who would consider working on it, and I knew I could achieve the end goal for Alex – which I think I have.

There was a certain line I remember Alex saying that really made me want to help him, and that was how he wanted to kiss his son again – I just knew I had to help him.

Alex is simply amazing and I love that he feels no different, that he loves his life more now than he did before – which is what I hear from a lot of clients who have been through trauma. I’m so pleased our paths have crossed and we will continue to work together for many, many years to come”.

Alex, before any of the treatment commenced with Karen.

Pointlism started to mimic freckles whilst also creating the definition for the lips.

Shading has been added to create natural looking lines.

Now lips and face completed and healed.