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Alex delivers a motivational talk entitled  ‘A Minor Setback’ to organizations, conferences and educational institutions. His aim is to motivate others to overcome adversity and take on new challenges in life. His talks are tailored to each individual audience and their requirements.

Alex inspires people to see life differently, take every opportunity that comes their way and live life to the full. His keen sense of humor and self-deprecating manner stays with his audience as a reminder that life can send us curved balls for any of us at anytime. Its how you conquer it that defines you.

Aged 34 Alex thought he had ‘man flu’ but collapsed and was rushed to hospital, he was given just hours to live and a 3% chance of survival.  In fact he had contracted Strep A followed by Septicemia which led to him having all four limbs amputated. As well as losing his limbs, Alex also lost his lips and nose. Surgeons have since grafted skin from his shoulder into lips leaving him, he jokes, looking like a Simpsons character and with a nose that constantly runs.

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Instead of spiraling into despair and retreating into a state of self-pity, Alex took a truly inspirational approach to what happened to him.  The story of his positivity and adjustment to a new life is truly remarkable and was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary “The Extraordinary case of Alex Lewis”. Alex’s progress and exploits have been well documented in the media.

The positivity 38-year-old Alex has found since his life changing illness has been remarkable. Many would find it hard to believe, but he says that great things have come of it.  Alex says, “It’s made me think differently about being a father, a partner, a human being,”

In the past four years Alex has set up the Alex Lewis Trust to raise funds for his rehabilitation, which has given him a huge impetus to help others. Alex also participates in University research projects developing new technology ranging from the development of muscle whispering devises for the American Navy to prosthesis design. Alex has also set up his own interior design agency completing projects from contemporary apartments to hospitality refurbishments.

Alex continues to break barriers by becoming the first quadruple amputee to kayak around the southern tip of Greenland and complete a three hundred and twenty mile expedition along the Orange River in South Africa. In 2019 he aims to become the first quadruple amputee to hand cycle 15,000 feet up the highest mountain range in Ethiopia in a solar assisted four wheeled vehicle designed by Engineering students at The University of Southampton.

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“Dear Alex, on behalf of Medtronic, I would like extend our thanks for taking part in Medtronic LIVE and sharing your moving story with the company. Your talk was laid bare, shocking, emotional and inspirational to everyone in that room. I’m not sure there are many of my colleagues who would accept the challenge of a tandem parachute jump or the kayaking with such a fearless attitude. I have done a parachute jump and believe me, I was FAR from fearless when it came to leaping out of that plane. Everyone in that room was both motivated and humbled by what you and your family have been through. It was a pleasure to meet you and we wish you all the best for the future.”

‘It has been my privilege to know Alex Lewis for the past 8 years. When I first met Alex he was a hard working industrious family man, who has spent all of his free time caring for his young son Sam. All that changed dramatically when what was deemed to be a common cold, morphed into Strep A Infection, Blood poisoning and Toxic Shock Syndrome. 99% of human beings would not have endured the rampant infection of a flesh eating bug, and in fact Alex was only given a 3% survival chance. However, through unbelievable determination he has overcome the most unimaginable adversary circumstances, to rebuild his and his family’s life. Alex is more interested in the promotion and help of other’s (if that can be believed) than himself. He is a truly inspirational individual. Every time upon meeting Alex, (and before you get the opportunity to ask how he is, and how is rehabilitation is going), he has bombarded you with questions on how your own family are, and how your business is coping with the economic down turn. This is just a typical example of Alex’s positivity on almost every aspect of life. At any of the events that I have attended with Alex, his positivity has lit up the room. Alex’s motivational talks are a shining example to all of us that there are people much worse off than ourselves, facing day to day struggles, and of which the vast majority of people would have given up a long time ago. It is very hard to track Alex’s progress. One of the early questions I had for him was “when will we be able to have a pint together” (Alex being able to drink from a normal glass). The next time I met him he was training for a marathon kayak adventure that I myself would not wish to undertake. His positivity in the face of shear adversary, benefits all who meet him, and TSI will be utilising his services in the future to demonstrate what can be achieved with such a strong motivational attitude to life.’

“Alex delivered the keynote speech at our three policyholder days held in Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol. Each event had 300-500 attendees. Alex told his remarkable story in a self effacing and humorous way, and captivated the audience with the underlying message of turning adversity into triumph, the importance of friends and family and finding hope and inspiration no matter how great the obstacles that are put in front of you. Alex received a standing ovation at each venue and the feedback we received from the attendees was incredibly positive.”