Why I Challenge Myself

Events & Expeditions

When I was a boy I absolutely loved sport and I played as many sports as I could. Then became a horizontal teenager with a passion for golf, not the most active sport but I became proficient enough to be part of the Hampshire County Juniors. That was until I found alcohol and beautiful women and there ended my sporting life!

When I became a quadruple amputee we were made aware of just how important it would be to maintain a level of fitness. Not just for my mental and physical wellbeing but for me to be an able user of prostheses.

Through a chance meeting with an Invictus hand cyclist I thought maybe hand cycling could be the sport for me, after all it meant I could work out sitting down! I organised a meeting with Pace, a private prostheses provider who specialised in sports, where I explained my goal. It became apparent that there were no quadruple amputee hand cyclists as severely injured a I and that we would be breaking new ground. I loved the idea that I would be a trailblazer and, through the generosity of some good friends, I became the first man with no hands to purchase a hand cycle.

Fast forward and I have successfully kayaked around the Southern tip of Greenland. I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. I have cage dived off the coast of South Africa with Great White sharks. I have kayaked along the Orange River, which separates South Africa and Namibia and I am training to become the first quad amp to successfully cycle to the summit of Ethiopia’s highest mountain in a solar assisted four wheeled hand cycle.

My Mother summed me up perfectly in our documentary. She said “If you want a life, you need to go out and get it…” I now adopt a policy of taking anything on, whether it appeals or not, as life is too short for regretting what you didn’t try.