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Why The Bull?

It was while I had the contract to refurbish The Greyhound that I came across Marlon’s canvas of The Bull. Sadly the budget didn’t stretch to such a piece as it would sit perfectly in what was then deemed as the gentlemans’ bar.

I never forgot about it and always had the odd sneaky peak online to remind myself of just how brilliant and meaningful the canvas was to me. A year or so later I am lying in Laverstock ward having undergone a vast amount of surgery when Marlon arrived having flown over from Australia to see Lucy,Sam and I. He walked in with a long tubular package under his arm. I didn’t really take notice of this as we were happily chatting away catching up with each other.

When the conversation slowed he mentioned The Bull and how desperate I was a year ago to be able to display it. He then undid the package to unroll the canvas. I struggled to hold back the tears,in fact as I recall I couldn’t. He then went on to describe the imagery and meaning of the work to him and likened it to me. I was lost for words.

It is now proudly displayed in my living room. Every time I look at it it reminds me of how far I’ve come and the generosity of a great friend.

The original bull

Marlon interpretation of the Bull is He’s a depiction of strength in the face of adversity, he sits seemingly alone as the storm rolls in. Looking to the left of the painting (backwards) out of frame, this is in the direction of what’s to come, (preparedness).

What is cathartic is the knowledge that the same storm clouds that bring disruption also bring the rain that is necessary to green his paddock and provide strength and revitalisation.

You can find out more about Marlon from his website here»