ITV Good Morning Britain December 4th 2017 Piers Morgan & Alex Lewis



Alex Lewis is someone who witnessed Piers’ epic Christmas lights fail live after organising the event to raise funds for his charity.

The father-of-one lost all his limbs and part of his face four years ago after fighting the bacterial infection Strep A.

Alex initially thought he had flu symptoms, but within hours of going to bed feeling poorly, he was in a coma and given just a three percent chance of survival.

Currently […]

ITV News February 23rd 2017 New Lips For father Whose Son Refused To Kiss Him


A Harley Street cosmetic and medical tattooist has started work on the face of a young father who was left disabled and disfigured by a devastating bug. Alex Lewis from Stockbridge in Hampshire had all four limbs amputated and part of his mouth and nose removed after contracting Strep A toxic shock syndrome. Karen Betts tattoos permanent make-up on celebrities but has offered to improve Alex’s looks for nothing. Kerry Swain went to his first appointment.

ITV December 22nd 2016 Alex Wishes All Our Viewers A Peaceful Christmas


It’s been an incredibly long journey – an extraordinary one – and he’s faced so much pain along the way. But, this Christmas, Alex Lewis says his life is better than ever.

Three years ago, Alex lost both arms and legs to a deadly infection. We’ve followed his journey in a series of incredibly personal reports. He’s still in constant pain – and has the challenge of raising up to £3 million during his lifetime to pay for artificial limbs. He […]

BBC South Today 2nd December 2016 The Stockbridge Lights Switch On

The Stockbridge Christmas light switch on

Celebrating the start of Christmas festivities in Stockbridge. Earlier Sally Taylor joined the crowds on BBC South Today as the Hampshire town switched on its lights with the help of the extraordinary Alex Lewis and his family. See more of Alex’s story here

BBC South Today 2nd December Sally Taylor interview The Extraordinary Story of Alex Lewis

The extraordinary story of Alex Lewis

Three years ago Alex Lewis got a common cold which unexpectedly developed into a life threatening illness that changed his life forever. But tonight Alex and his family will be at the heart of Christmas celebrations in their home town of Stockbridge in Hampshire. Sally Taylor went to meet Alex, his partner Lucy and their 5-year-old son Sam.

ITV September 21st 2016 Greenland Adventure for Amputee

It’s less than three years since Alex Lewis had all four limbs amputated – after contracting a rare Strep A infection. Incredibly he’s just kayaked more than 100 miles around Greenland.

It’s all thanks to the Pilgrim Bandits – a charity set up to help amputee soldiers. They believe having no legs is no reason to give up sky diving, skiing or any other physical sport.

ITV This Morning 26th of August 2016

Alex Lewis bravely battled a streptococcal infection that resulted in him having his arms and legs amputated in a desperate bid to save his life.

Almost three years on, Alex joins us ahead of his upcoming challenge for The Pilgrim Bandits charity, which will see him kayak 210 miles through the freezing waters of Greenland.

Hoping to raise money for military personnel who have lost limbs at war, Alex joins us alongside son Sam to talk about his wedding plans, hopes […]

BBC Breakfast Saturday 14th MAY 2016

Quadruple amputee Alex Lewis in kayak challenge

A quadruple amputee will join a group of injured servicemen to kayak through freezing waters and around icebergs off the coast of Greenland.
Alex Lewis will spend eight days as the only civilian in the group taking on the challenge.
He spoke to BBC Breakfast about what led to his amputations, and the impact they have had on his life.
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The quadruple amputee who needs the correct prosthetic

ITV This Morning -Thursday 28th April The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis


He’s no stranger to this show: Alex Lewis had to rebuild his life in 2013 after a devastating infection took over his limbs and parts of his face resulting in several amputations.

As a new Channel 4 documentary about his experience airs, Alex joins us alongside his long-term partner and now fiancée Lucy about the plans for their future.

TRAILER: The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis On C4 22nd April 9pm

TRAILER: The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis

This documentary has remarkable access to a candid and inspirational family rebuilding their lives and relationships following the devastating effects of toxic shock syndrome.


ITV Alex helps scientists develop revolutionary technology for amputees father who lost all four limbs to a deadly infection is working with scientists to develop revolutionary prosthetics that could change the lives of amputees around the world.

The pioneering technology has enabled Alex Lewis from North Hampshire – to control a Star Wars-style robotic hand using muscle vibrations .

The team at Imperial College London say having Alex as a guinea pig is invaluable.

Kerry Swain has been following his story over the last fourteen months.

To find out more about […]

ITV Alex completes his first skydive after losing limbs


Only 20 months ago he had all four limbs amputated after contracting a devastating infection.

Not only is Alex Lewis learning to walk again and planning to cycle – he’s just done his first skydive.

Alex joined amputee soldiers for the fund raising jump which was organised by the Pilgrim Bandits charity.

Kerry Swain has the story.

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ITV Alex, who has had arms and legs amputated, is told he can’t have prosthetic knees

A man who had both arms and legs amputated has suffered a devastating setback. Alex Lewis is fighting back after a rare and devastating infection. He was due to get new legs from the NHS.

But under new guidelines it says he can’t have the computer controlled prosthetic knees he says he needs to stop him falling. More from Kerry Swain.


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ITV Fundraising challenge for brave Alex


Nineteen months ago he was close to death with all four limbs amputated to save his life after a terrible infection overwhelmed his body.

Now Alex Lewis from North Hampshire is not only learning to walk again, but he’s planning to cycle, swim and even do a skydive.

But the hardest battle Alex faces is raising enough money to pay for artificial limbs he needs. The very best prosthetics aren’t available on the NHS

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ITV Quadruple amputee Alex gets support from injured soldiers

Soldiers who’ve lost limbs in Afghanistan are inspiring the fight back to fitness of a man who had both legs and arms amputated following a devastating infection.

Members of the Pilgrim Bandits charity are advising Alex Lewis on the best prosthetics and say sky diving in June will be the first of his adventures with them.

ITV Meridian spoke to Mike Witt from the Pilgrim Bandits.

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ITV Alex’s story: Amputee launches campaign to fund artificial limbs

A man whose arms and legs were amputated to save his life after he contracted a devastating illness, has said he feels lucky to be alive.

Alex Lewis, a man in his thirties from Hampshire with a young family, thought he had just caught a cold. However, it turned out he had a case of the rare condition Strep A Toxic Shock Syndrome.

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