Fabulous magazine,Radio 5 live,BBC Ouch and Solent Radio…it gets stranger by the minute but I must confess…I love it.If it means that I have a platform to express how I feel and how I intend to help others in the future then I will grab every opportunity with both hooks.The interviewees in all of the above were genuinely interested and pro the Trust which fills me with pride.I’m truly great full to them all.

Friday presented itself as a fantastic day out to Cardiff with wonderful company and even better Guinness to see England start there campaign in the Six Nations.But there was a tinge of sadness.It was the first time in my life that I was not able to stand to sing the national anthem as rockers and 60,000 people aren’t a sensible option.The next time,I will stand there with pride and hook on heart deafening the Welsh.