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Alex Lewis – Civilian Ambassador for Pilgrim Bandits Charity.

The charity invited Alex to become an ambassador because of his remarkable can-do attitude.

The Pilgrim Bandits have provided Alex with the opportunity to experience new sports and challenges that just wouldn’t have been available to him as a civilian amputee.



Pilgrim Bandits know that adversity, challenges and obstacles serve to strengthen the human spirit.    But for some of those we support, just to smile or enjoy the company of others, is an almost insurmountable task.  We endeavour to get them to believe in a life worth living again.   Through Pilgrim Bandits they push to new limits. They help others.  They inspire children and young people by working with schools and care centres. They raise funds like other charities, and they also try to fund research to push scientific and engineering advances into prosthetic limbs.

The Pilgrim Bandits will never ask for your charity… but, we will ask for your support.