Some very sad news,Cheryl Fernandez Versini was unavailable for a selfie with me last Friday afternoon.Can you believe it! However in hindsight it was probably a good thing as I would have looked a touch over weight next to her.Sadly the rehearsals made it impossible for me to get back to Stockbridge in time for an incredibly generous cheque presentation from the Co Op in Stockbridge.It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening by all accounts and a big thank you to my Mother for accepting the cheque on The Trusts behalf.I would also like to thank Georgia and Roger but even more importantly the staff and residents at Bicknell Court in Bournemouth.Georgia and Rog ran the Race to the Stones earlier in the year and Rog’s granny was chief fundraiser at Bicknell Court.Many thanks to Pam,Sue and Teresa and the tea and cake put on for the residents that day.Every penny counts in reaching my target of new legs!
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